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Consequences for Criminal Actions

(My personal opinion about the whole thing)

Charging a credit card without authorization is illegal. Its called credit card fraud. Although the Providian employees themselves have not made unauthorized charges to my MasterCard, it appears pretty obvious to me that they are aiding and abedding the company that did. In my books this makes them co-conspirators. As George Bush said, “We will make no distinction between the terrorists and those who harbor them.”

In my opinion, the people running Alpec Team, Inc. are criminals. Credit card terrorists. They have sent me unsolicited goods and then billed my credit card for them. The FTC frowns upon this. This activity continues even today with no foreseeable end in sight. Short of closing my credit card account I am not sure what else to do. Providian is standing up for the scammers instead of me, their customer. Is this any way to run a consumer credit bank? Screwing your own customers at every turn? Hello!?!?

Is Providian participating in illegal activity?

Ex-Providian employee speaks out about Providian Financial Corp shredding customer payments and holding them past the due date so they could charge late fees. See the whole post here.
Plain and simple: Alpec Team, Inc. is breaking the law. Providian (whether intentionally or not) has helped Alpec steal money from me. This is called conspiracy. While Providian may not have made direct contact with Alpec Team to “agree to help them steal from me” they are living this unspoken agreement by refusing to reverse these illegal charges to my MasterCard account. You help a criminal — you are a criminal. The police term for this is Aiding and Abedding.

What happens now...

What happens now is fairly simple. Providian needs to accurately report to the credit bureaus that my MasterCard is “paid as agreed” and “paid in full”. Tuesday, August 5, 2003 I am sending Providian their final letter. I am also simultaneously filing complaints with all of the following entities: Ninety days have passed since they cashed my settlement check yet they continue to indicate that I have a balance on their web sites and in writing. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They had 90 days in which to reverse the settlement agreement. They chose not to do so. The letters are going out. I have completely lost my sense of humor. I really don’t think they would be stupid enough to take this to court. (But then again.... we ARE talking about Providiots here.)

They have had enough court room action to last a lifetime. Maybe they have learned their lesson. We’ll see, won’t we?

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