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Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this web site is simple. To allow anyone who is considering opening an account with Providian an opportunity to hear my story as well as the stories of countless other providian victims. I have made EVERY effort to represent a factual account of what has transpired. Providian can say what they want but in the end I can prove everything with my recorded telephone calls and written documentation.

For the record: I don’t hate Providian. I don’t hate Providian employees. I really don’t hate ANYONE, which is saying a lot considering I have an ex-wife straight from hell. I Don’t even hate her. HONESTLY. I hate some of the things she DOES but I have not hated her since very early in our separation and impending divorce. Now I got nothin’ but love for BOTH my ex-wife and Providian. They have both made choices that have resulted in my life being IMPROVED. For that I am eternally grateful.

I’m not “Bitter at the world” as “Alex” suggested in the bottom of his or her post. I’m actually happier today than I have been most of my adult life. I have a fantastic new custom home. I have a beautiful wife who loves and respects me. I have two awesome sons in whom I am well pleased and I have a great God and a great life.

This Providian dispute started out as a “big deal” to me. Not because it was only $300.00 bucks. I can MAKE $300.00 dozens of times over utilizing the same amount of time I have put into this web site and resulting cult following.

At this stage of the game I guess I am maintaining this site just for it’s sheer entertainment value. I enjoy the witty and thoughtful posts that self-proclaimed Providiots are leaving lately in the user forum. Some of them are downright hilarious! Check out this one titled: You are in trouble!!!

At any rate. This web site serves many purposes at this point.

  • To document my dispute with Providian
  • To expose Providian for what it really is
  • To warn others of the possibility of “problems”
  • To have a place where others can share their horror stories
  • To irritate the boneheads that work at Providian and other predatory lenders. (No ethical credit card companies have expressed any dislike for
Originally this site was created solely to contain complete documentation of my difficulties with Providian Financial Corp over several credit card disputes. I have had problems with bonehead companies before and have terrible experiences with having to send copy after copy after copy of the very same documents over and over and over and over. Having to tell the same story to everyone I talk to over and over and over and over. NO MORE!! If the brain-dead employees at Providian want to see some of my documentation they can just download them or visit this site to read everything they could possibly need. This is a medium that they can’t claim they “lost”. After all, you can’t LOSE a web site.

Also intermixed with said documentation are my own personal opinions regarding actions (or lack thereof) by Providian Financial regarding said disputed charges. After following all of their procedural hoop jumping, dotting all my i’s and crossing all of my t’s, Providian Financial Corp has thus far determined that I must pay for charges that I never authorized to begin with. We’ll see...

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