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Not So Angry Calls

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the FREE player! If I had been thinking I would have recorded EVERY telephone call to Providian since the very beginning. After all, they record all of MY calls. So after seeing the charges of $39.90 put back on my October statement I decide to give them a call to try to determine why reporting this criminal, fraudulent activity on my charge card has been ignored seven times. (You will need to install RealPlayer on your PC to hear the recordings.)
NOTE: These recordings are continuous except for the “fast-forwarding” of sensitive information like credit card number and “Last 4 SS#” touch-tones and one quick break to switch tapes. No other modifying, editing or tampering has been done what-so-ever.
Click Carlos to hear my telephone call
(Click Carlos to
hear phone call)
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installed to
listen to these
phone calls.
Like a fool I decided to call Carlos Argueta, the guy at Providiots that wrote me the letter dated August 20, 2003. This call, like so many others, was completely futile. Carlos (Appropriately named “Argue”ta) wanted to do nothing but argue with me concerning the disposition of my account. He kept clinging to that bogus account agreement that Ms. Narcissist mailed to me back in June.

Click Brenda Narcisse to hear 
the message I left her.
(Click “Brenda Narcisse”
to hear my
telephone message.)
Previously I left a message for Brenda Narcisse. She never called me back of course. I don’t really know if I expected her to. I just wanted to apologize for anything I may have said to her last time we talked that offended her in any way.

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