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(Second letter from Providian.)

Providian again requests that I fill out another written dispute. This is the fourth time I have had to explain this situation in writing, 7th time to explain it total. I advised them of this and asked why they couldn’t simply believe me the first six times I have explained the situation. I reminded them that the charges were not authorized back in October 2001. They still weren’t authorized in February 2002. They were not authorized in April 2002. They were not authorized in July 2002. There were not authorized here or there. They were not authorized anywhere. I did not authorize Sam I am. I did not authorize thank you ma’am!

(5th explanation that charges are not authorized.)

Having little choice in the matter, the stupid form had to be submitted. Being absolutely beside myself my wife filled out the form for me. (She’s very good to me in times of crisis.) She stuffed it in their reply envelope and off went explanation #5.

Just the other day I received their reply. You guessed it. They need “more information”. I am starting to run out of ways to say I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THESE CHARGES. I’ve tried the straightforward approach by simply stating that I did not authorize the charges on their web site dispute form TWICE. I have tried telling them this on the phone on at least THREE occasions. I have written it in long-hand on a hard copy form TWICE. I have said it in a rhyming, whimsical fashion. I suppose next I should make up a song about it and sing it to someone. WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE?

(Third letter from Providian seeking more information.)

I fill out yet another form to explain — for a fifth time in writing — how I did not authorize these charges. I write it out in big block letters hoping maybe this time they will understand the simple concept of


(Fax confirmation)

(Unusually bad handwriting due to mounting anger!)

Knowing deep within my heart this isn’t going to work either I fax the above response to Providian and patiently await my next statement. Sure enough. October statement has the $39.90 right back on my account!

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