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Providian’s Reply

(Reply from Providian Financial.)

A few days later I received a letter from Providian requesting more information. Not knowing what information they could possibly need aside from what I had already given them I filled out their form, explained that the transaction should have only been for $29.95 and sent it back to them. I listed the dispute amount at $149.85. This is $179.60 - $29.95 = $149.85. Simple math right? Wrong! Not for Providian...

(Providian Financial dispute form.)

After explaining the situation a second time I heard no more from Providian Financial about this transaction. Foolishly I assume that everything is taken care of and that I will receive a credit on my account for the overcharge. Not so. In fact, what happens next is truly astonishing. Ab-Tronic bills me EVEN MORE MONEY...

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