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Original Dispute

(The Ab-Tronic — a worthless piece of junk.)

So the day finally comes when my Ab-Tronic arrives. Not really what I expected. A cheaply made device with a flimsy case. I was pretty disappointed. After using this thing twice I could immediately tell that it wasn’t going to be satisfactory. A call to the telephone number I had originally called to order Ab-Tronic resulted in them giving me a non-toll free number to call to get RMA authorization. A call and subsequent message left after 25 minutes of “phone menu hell” went unreturned.

Several more calls over the next several days went unreturned. I was reluctant to simply box the merchandise up and send it back to the address on the shipping label for fear of not having the proper RMA authorization. I figured to get a refund would require some ridiculous conditions like having to stand on my head while filling out the address label or having to write it left-handed or something. Needless to say several days went by and then I received my MasterCard statement from Providian Financial showing NOT THE $29.95 CHARGE, BUT A WHOPPING $179.60.

My calls to Ab-Tronic’s telephone number intensified yet nobody was ever available to answer the calls nor did anyone ever return my messages. After about a week and a half of trying to reach someone at Ab-Tronic I finally disputed the charge with Providian Financial at

NOTE: It wasn’t until October 2002 that I began to find things on the internet about Ab-Tronic being a total scam!

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